Web and Email Campaign Analysis

When done correctly, email is still a lucrative marketing channel. GIMO designs tailor-made email campaigns using an array of resources, including specialised software, to give you valuable insights and carry out campain enhancement.This includes measuring how recipients respond to your emails (email campain analysis), preparing KPI reports, and carrying out market analysis to determine the effectiveness of a campaign. Our focus is on results and quality content.

Web and Email Campaign Analysis

With all the buzz surrounding social media activity in business these days, it's worth remembering that email marketing and marketing analysis still remains an invaluble tool for any business in reaching out to new and existing customers. Successful email marketing ensures that your business stays ahead of the game with targeted, relevant and engaging marketing content.

Market analysis helps us to understand the effectiveness of a particular product, and find the best ways to adapt, and improve, what it has to offer. An acute awareness of online trends, visitor behaviour and the strengths and weaknesses of a website are all vital ingredients in getting the most out of an intended market.

At GIMO, our tailored web and email campaign analysis includes monitoring online traffic, creating regular visitor behaviour reports and carrying out market research to study a website's effectiveness and visitor preferences, in order to define the next steps in achieving great results.

The main responsibilities of our email marketing and email campaign analysis teams are:
  • Customer segmentation,
  • Online trend analysis,
  • Customer preference analysis,
  • Organisation and analysis of data,
  • Preparation of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports,
  • Reporting findings to relevant departments.
We use state-of-the-art email marketing software that allows us to measure recipients email behaviour, thus enabling us to create, implement and refine email marketing campaigns which maximise customer engagement and return on investment.

With the right tools, your email marketing campaign will ensure customer loyalty, and enable you to conquer new markets.