Does your website work on mobile and handheld devices? If the answer is no, you're missing a trick: there's an entire mobile market waiting for you to tap into, and it's growing at an unprecedented rate.

A mobile version of your website is crucial to helping it achieve its full potential.

Mobile Website Development

As it stands, over half of the world's mobile subscribers have a Smartphone, and three quarters of Facebook's online traffic comes directly from Smartphone users. In the same way that GSM became the standard a decade ago, soon the whole world will be connected via Smartphone. Everyone has their eyes glued to their tablets and Smart phones when they're on the move, so not only is it imperative that your product is visible to the mobile audience, the mobile version of your desktop site should be as well-designed as your main website. Ensuring that your mobile site functions perfectly on different supports will fulfil your clients' browsing requirements and give them an exceptional mobile experience.

betFIRST, a leading sports betting website, is just one example of a client who has really benefited from launching a free mobile application. The user-friendly interface includes the wide selection of sport that betFIRST is renowned for, and players just need to log in with their existing details to check out the latest odds and sporting events, and can even place bets directly from their phones. To sum up, betFIRST have ensured that their members never have to miss a bet again, since they can keep up with all the action wherever they are.