Affiliate Marketing

Our in-house developed affiliate platform LivePartners features industry-leading tracking and reporting software that helps both our clients and affiliates archive the best results possible.

We ensure our affiliation projects remain profitable for both partners, thanks to our dynamic affiliate partnerships, which are transparent, reliable, and most importantly, founded on trust.

Our affiliate marketing services include:
  • Affiliate/Account management
  • Tracking implementation
  • Campaign management
  • Analysis
  • Asset design & Management

What is Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is a broad spectrum that covers all areas of business. Marketing in general is vital for the success of any business, with affiliate marketing in particular being a great way to help your business grow. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting and advertising a business or product to drive traffic to that company. In return the marketer will get some sort of commission for their work. Affiliate marketing is a key part of business with the goal to help both sides of those involved. The company gets the traffic and clientele whilst the affiliate marketing agencies or members get financial rewards. Affiliate marketing is bigger than ever with the rise in social media. People are consuming more media than ever before and has led to affiliate marketing being extremely important. Common examples are seen whenever a celebrity promotes a product or business through their social channels. In this example the celebrity would be paid a fee either up front or every time someone makes a purchase with the company through their link. 

Why is Affiliate Marketing important

The importance of marketing in the current state of the world can not be understated. Our world today is almost entirely online and that is reflected through the marketing strategies carried out by companies. Affiliate marketing is something that has always been done but it is now more important than ever. To keep up in the volatile and competitive business world, companies must find ways to stay relevant and drive traffic passively. Affiliate marketing is the perfect solution to that problem with businesses able to use the power of the internet to allow traffic to be driven to them. They can then concentrate on the day-to–day running of the business knowing that work is being done to promote their product or service. Influencer culture is a big part of the boom in affiliate marketing and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

How can Affiliate Marketing can help your business

Affiliate marketing is priceless to the long-term success of any business. Although there is an initial cost when paying the marketer to promote for you, the benefits reaped are well worth it. The affiliate marketing industry has doubled in value in the last five years and currency sits at $8.2BN. This rise is evidence of the success it brings to businesses of any size. It is a low risk and low cost strategy that carries out the work by itself. Campaigns can be planned around certain affiliates to best cater to certain audiences, and once a successful relationship has been sustained with a client, there is no limit in how much you can scale up. Affiliate marketing is the best way to help your business gain traffic, reputation and eventually lead to profit. Patience is also key when it comes to affiliate marketing as success can take time as you must build strong relationships, but the long-term rewards are well worth it.

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