At GIMO we are always pushing ourselves to be the best at what we do and to look after everyone that is part of our family. We’ve won numerous awards across the iGaming, marketing and corporate sectors. Most recently we’ve been included in the UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Women 2022, received our Great Place to Work UK certificate and won Best Use of Search in Gaming at he European Search Awards.

Awards :

What are Awards

A huge part of the success of any business comes down to reputation. Stability and longevity is hard to come by in the business world and having a strong reputation can be the difference between success and failure. There are thousands of examples of companies who have decades or even centuries of history based on the name of their brand and what it represents. One way in which companies can enhance reputation is through awards and accolades. Being praised by experts and peers in your field can be a massive aid in growth, both financially and reputationally. Of course awards are hard to come by, but companies now must strive for them more than ever as competition is stronger than ever. A company having prestigious awards attached to their name could be the reason a customer chooses you over a competitor. Awards can come in different forms and of course range in prestige, but any form of award for the company is a positive step towards growth and further stability.  

Why are Awards important

As aforementioned, awards can be one of the biggest factors in whether or not a customer chooses to do business with you. Awards hold value in the eyes of the customer and will help you stand out amongst your competition. As well as helping to grow a strong reputation, awards can also help with business connections. Awards, accolades and word of mouth will help open doors to new business opportunities that may have been possible before. For example, a prestigious client may now choose to work with you now that you have a number of awards and reputation surrounding your company. In an ideal world the awards would be something that come regularly for a business or grow in prestige over time. Of course these awards require extensive hard work , efficiency and everything in between. However, the power of any form of award, large or small, cannot be understated. It brings the business closer together and is a sign that the work you are doing is worthwhile and successful. 

How Awards can help your business

Behind all the glitz and glamour of prestigious awards and the obvious benefits from that, the one key area often forgotten about is the employee’s themselves. It will usually be the company as a whole that receives the award, but these tokens of appreciation will trickle down into every area of your workforce. No matter how big or small someone’s role is, being praised as a whole will only do positive things for your business. Staff morale will be high and it gives people a goal to strive towards. Even if your company were to miss out on a certain award one year, it will give staff the extra motivation to be even better the following year. As you can see, awards have a huge impact on all areas of a business. Whether it be as a reputational tool, motivation tool or a catalyst for financial growth, awards are something all businesses should aim to achieve.