Campaign Management

GIMO understands the importance of a solid and dynamic marketing strategy, we can deliver tailored multi-channel strategies that will utilise our expertise and help establish a unique approach to acquisition, retention, and remarketing for your brand.
We create and manage meaningful campaigns to attract customers and direct them towards your website or application; This is be done using proven techniques and strategies that will be adapted to your brand, target market, and objectives.
Our campaign management services include:
  • Marketing strategy
  • CRM
  • Campaign planning
  • Creative concepts & production
  • Marketing automation
  • Digital marketing campaign management
  • Channel planning & budget management

What is Campaign Management

Campaign management falls under the umbrella of business marketing and involves a specialised team working specifically on planning and preparation of marketing campaigns. These experts can either be in-house or outsourced to specialists and will work on every aspect of a campaign. Their roles include planning the campaign, research prior to launch, tracking of the campaign and constant analysis throughout and after the campaign. Campaign management teams can be hired for specific one off campaigns like new products or events, as well as being a regular part of the business model. Nowadays, every business looking to create growth and success will be using some form of campaign management in order to efficiently carry out their plans. The world we live in now is data driven and with humans consuming so much media, more planning and effort than ever before needs to go into how products are marketed to the consumer. Campaign management teams are the brains behind any form of advertising or marketing you may see online or out in the real world. Without their expertise and innovative ideas, many businesses would struggle to find long-term success. 

Why is Campaign Management important

Campaign management is vital in order to create efficiency around marketing campaigns. They involve countless hours of planning and preparation all to make sure the campaign itself runs smoothly. However, campaigns do not always run smoothly and that is where having a campaign management team will benefit you. Throughout the roll out of a campaign, there could be a number of things that come up that were not prepared for in the planning stage. Whether that be certain areas of performance not being as high as anticipated or customers reception changing over time, this is where the campaign management team will get to work. They have the ability and expertise to be able to tweak and change these campaigns as they are happening. This is something that the business themselves would simply not be able to do on their own. For that reason alone, campaign management is essential if you want to market your company efficiently. 

How Campaign Management can help your business

Campaign management is all about making sure operations around marketing run smoothly at all times. The overall goal and benefit of investing in campaign management is to ensure growth remains steady and profits rise. A business without such an expert group in control of these marketing endeavours is far more likely to struggle financially. The investment is beneficial for companies of any size, as the fallout from a poorly run marketing campaign could cause irreversible damage. It is all about uplifting the brand and making sure the values of the company are seen throughout every area. Campaign management will be there if issues arise around these areas giving more time for the business hierarchy to spend on the day-to-day running of the business. Efficiency in marketing  is something that can only be garnered through a strong campaign management team.

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