Content Marketing

At GIMO we strive to supply creativity, originality, and innovation in all the content we create.
We have a large team of editors, journalists, copywriters, and translators who deliver bespoke and localised content for our clients to help attract and retain their customers.
Whether it’s daily blogs or seasonal promotional emails, our team produces unique copy and content that isn’t available anywhere else in your industry.
Our services include:
  • Content creation
  • Creative copywriting
  • Proofreading
  • Blog management
  • SEO optimised copy
  • Translation services

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing comes under the umbrella of the marketing department and is a sector that is essential in the current technological world we live in. The content team specifically works on creating and distributing different types of content in order to attract customers and help the business grow. This can range from social media posts, copywriting, email marketing, SEO management and lots more. Content is more powerful than ever before with customers constantly online consuming media in some form. The content distributed by marketing teams has to be innovative enough to both represent the brand and stand out amongst the sea of competitors. Research and planning is a big part of content marketing, with every tiny detail pre-determined in order to reach the broadest of audiences. Content marketing teams must be up-to-date with all modern trends as the online content world moves at such a rapid pace. That can be difficult to do which is why many teams will work off detailed strategies to best ensure the overall goal is reached. If the content reaches more people and is of a high quality, more traffic will be driven and the company will benefit financially. Content marketing is one of the most important areas of marketing in the business world today. 

Why is Content Marketing important

Of course the general goal of content marketing is to bring revenue and growth into a business. However, that is certainly not the only reason it is important. To gain a loyal and trusting customer base is not easy, and valuable content is huge in helping to achieve that. Content is consumed 24/7 across the globe, so if you are a company who is not utilising that to the fullest abilities, you will struggle in today’s world. There are no limits to how far content can go and that is why it is so important to invest in an efficient content marketing team. Content needs to be pre–planned and strategised if your company wants to get the best results, that is why a dedicated team is needed. An efficient team will yield a strong customer base, enhance brand awareness and reputation and create trust between you and the customer. These things are priceless and in terms of price, businesses will save money in the long run by investing into content marketing as it begins to pay for itself through its driven traffic. 

How Content Marketing can help your business

Growth, stability, reputation and awareness are all major benefits that a content marketing team can bring to your business. Growth is the overarching goal that will be seen financially if a strong team is in place. Stability again is something that will be integrated in your business over time through the use of a content marketing team. Content is a repeating cycle and consistency in your output should keep things running smoothly. Brand awareness and reputation is another factor that will benefit from the use of efficient content marketing. With the competitive and volatile nature of the business industry, it is difficult to make yourself stand out. SEO is a tool used by these teams to make sure your company’s content is being seen by as many people as possible. Teams will analyse data from around the web to find out the best ways in which to produce content that will drive the most traffic. With this data the marketing copy and content created can be tailored specifically to get it seen higher up in internet search results. A content marketing team has the power to change the entire outlook of a business and that is something that can not be overlooked.

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