Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is one of the most effective ways to reach your potential customers at the right time and place. Advancements in technology, especially AI, continue to push the evolution of PPC. There is a focus on providing users with a more bespoke and personalised experience.
We understand what needs to be in place to achieve great results by driving quality leads and sales for our clients with transparent reporting and realistic projections.

Our pay per click services include:
  • Campaign planning, set-up & tracking
  • A/B testing
  • Consumer profiling & targeting
  • Keyword research & analyses
  • Ad copy development
  • Landing page design
  • Technical support
  • Mobile PPC strategy
  • Reporting

What is Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is a form of digital marketing that involves buying ad space from a search engine provider in order to place ads in more lucrative places. Essentially, any business using PPC will pay a fee to whatever site they would like their ad to be on and the idea is that the initial fee is minor as it will lead to further profits through clicks. It is a strategy that has many facets and has become particularly successful in the last decade due to the rise in technological advancements. PPC teams do not just throw money at sites and hope for the best, the work starts a long time before any fees are paid. In order to make sure ads are reaching the optimum audience, PPC teams will carry out research into trends data and tailor their campaigns around where they will be advertising it. This work obviously takes a lot of creativity and innovation in order to be able to adapt your advertising depending on where it will be seen. PPC is now a vital tool for any business looking to fully utilise the power of modern day online marketing. 

Why is Pay Per Click important

In the modern technology driven world we live in, online marketing has more power than ever before. People spend a lot of their time online whether that be for work or leisure, and for any business this is an opportunity to be seen. PPC is an extremely important sector of digital marketing as it takes away a lot of risk for the company. By investing into a PPC team who dedicate their time to planning these campaigns out meticulously, you are far more likely to find success. The opposite side of the spectrum being any business who is not utilising PPC, will find themselves slowly being overshadowed by competitors. The internet is powerful and is not going to slow down its evolution anytime soon. That is why it is crucial that businesses start to make the most of the opportunities it provides. For what is a very small fee, businesses can essentially hand pick who they want their ads to be seen by, and that is a priceless commodity. 

How Pay Per Click can help your business

There is no doubt that the implementation of PPC into your digital marketing strategy will greatly benefit you in the long run. There is of course investment and fees that go into sustaining a high quality PPC team, but with the way of the business world it is essential. PPC can help you reach audiences that would not be logistically possible without it. It means businesses can spend time planning and perfecting campaigns knowing that the use of PPC is as close to guaranteed success as you can get. Of course PPC does not entirely guarantee financial success but studies show that the vast majority of companies now using PPC are far better off than their counterparts. It is an advantage that all businesses should use when it comes to their marketing strategies. PPC is one of many innovative tools in the modern world of digital marketing that can help improve the entire landscape of your marketing success.

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