Machine Learning

AI is one of the technologies GIMO provides to clients is Machine Learning. It is a type of artificial intelligence that allows any type of software application to become more accurate and its algorithms are a vital tool in assessing historical data.


What is Machine Learning

The mention of AI is certainly not new to anyone these days. Artificial Intelligence is the use of software and systems that can perform tasks using human intelligence. These systems use in depth algorithms and data analysis to create these incredible tools that have seemingly endless usage. The term machine learning refers to the process of AI learning to carry out a certain task. These machines have the ability to analyse millions of data formats and algorithms in seconds and learn more over time. AI technology is still in its relative infancy and shows no signs of slowing down in terms of innovation. The potential for the use of AI in business is already being showcased with the current technology available. It can take efficiency to a whole new level whilst saving time and money in the process. 

Why is Machine Learning important

AI and machine learning is massively important to any business trying to achieve long term success. With the way the world is going, the inclusion of AI in business is only going to continue. As the technology advances and becomes more widely available, it will only be a matter of time before all businesses are using some form of machine learning AI. Investing now is important as it is such a volatile market that falling behind now could have serious implications on the long term success of your business. In these technological times it is not enough to just stick with current or old processes just because you are still achieving success. You must look to the future before it’s too late and realise the capabilities AI could bring to the table. It can work in ways a human simply cannot and that is priceless to your business. Being able to carry out tasks and processes in lightning quick time will only benefit the other areas of your business. It is also important that employees remain a top priority and AI is not seen as a direct replacement. That is certainly a common misconception and there is no reason why machine learning should not be a top priority for a forward thinking company,

How Machine Learning can help your business

Efficiency is what all businesses are striving for. Time is money and the more efficient you carry out your business procedures, the more likely you are to achieve the overall goals of the business. Profit and revenue are of course the priorities for any business, and machine learning AI has shown it can help companies achieve that. AI brings efficiency that could never be achieved by a human. The ability to carry out data analysis tasks in seconds in comparison to it taking a human a number of hours is not to be understated. Although AI is an expensive industry to invest in, it is not going anywhere and it will be far more beneficial for your business to get involved sooner rather than later. Any potential investment will certainly be a long term project, as these machines are incredibly sophisticated and forever evolving. However, the financial returns from successful implementation of AI systems are priceless. AI will revolutionise the way the business world works and in years to come the benefits will be clear to see.

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