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We offer services from inception to delivery of a feature project, whether that’s a new app, a responsive website, a more efficient content management system, hosting, UX testing, or analysis, GIMO has in-house experts that can provide an end-to-end solution for any development or IT need.
This is underpinned by a focus on quality content, usability, search engine visibility, and conversion optimisation to give GIMO’s clients the best possible results. Our technical support & advice is always available to ensure our products stay active for all players.

Our software development services include:
  • Responsive web development
  • UX/UI Design
  • E-commerce websites
  • Branded social mini-games
  • Custom built CMS
  • Customer built backend (CMP)
  • API integrations
  • Payment solutions

What is Web and Mobile Development

Web and mobile development teams will have a wide range of tasks ranging from website creation and app design all the way to UI/UX design and strategy planning. The rise of technology has made web and mobile development an integral part of any business looking to maintain success. Consumers are now online more than ever before and digital marketing has become top priority. This means that what you put out online to the world must be planned and executed to perfection in order to achieve your goals. Heavy investment is needed into web and mobile development as there is a sea of competition and it is such a volatile market. Technological advancements are happening at such a rapid pace that you must have a robust development team to innovate with the times. That is certainly easier said than done, but with an expert team at the helm, your business will reap the benefits of efficient web and mobile output and development. 

Why is Web and Mobile Development important

The importance of web and mobile development is clear to see when you simply look at the state of society. We now live large chunks of our lives online, consuming all forms of media and advertisements. Therefore, it would be counterintuitive to avoid investment in the development of your web and mobile output. For businesses it can be seen as an endless list of potential customers and clients, and that is a priceless commodity. Another reason web and mobile development is vitally important is the ability to adapt language to the online world. A business could have a perfectly good product or service but without the expertise and knowledge to efficiently market yourself to the online world, success will not be sustainable. A web and mobile development team helps the transitions from business to online consumer and that is essential with the volatile nature of the internet. It would be impossible for businesses to keep up with the changes and evolutions and the development team takes care of that and allows the business to work more productively.

How Web and Mobile Development can help your business

Web and mobile development teams can provide a real and statistical benefit to your business. Despite not being directly linked to revenue like the product or service, web and mobile marketing is a massive contributor to the success of any business. The statistics show that companies not fully utilising the powers of internet marketing will fall behind and struggle in the long term. By hiring an elite web and mobile development team, your business is giving itself the best possible chance at maintained success in the online sphere. Of course there are no guarantees in business and the online world, but the risks are significantly reduced when using the abilities of online development teams. A company can expect a more loyal and trusting customer base too, as any efficient and tailored online marketing will help build a community amongst your clients. The benefits are seemingly endless and with the speed of the evolution of the internet, web and mobile development will be a vital tool for decades to come.

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